Riki Eats 5: at Whittard of Chelsea, Glasgow

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If you’ve been keeping up with Riki, you could say that I try to be conscious about how food impacts the environment; I even attempted a 30 day Vegan Challenge trying to understand lifestyle choices [if you’re late to the show, click here to check out Riki’s Vegan Diary]. So recently, I came across an app called Too Good To Go and instantly realized that I was in for a treat. I’d like to share with you, how I managed to indulge in a 70% discount at a Luxury British Tea retailer using Too Good To Go. You might as well start calling me the plug, because, I am about to bring you in. [The plug; a term used to describe someone who is a resource for obtaining something valuable, UrbanDictionary.com].

So here we are, my foodie experience in Episode 5 of Riki Eats: at Whittard of Chelsea, Glasgow.

Food: 7/10
Atmosphere: 6/10
Service: 9/10

Trip Advisor Rating as of 04/08/19: 2/5 (Oouch)

Waiting Time: 1 min

Buchanan galleries, 220 Buchanan St, Glasgow G1 2FF  Mon-Sat [9 – 6pm], Sun [10 – 6pm]


What is Too Good To Go

Personally, I think this is a dope idea! Too Good To Go offers access to leftover restaurant food at incredible bargains with the aim to minimize food waste.  The app is available to iOS and Android users in the UK, simply download and surf partner foodie hubs near you for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They have a variety of partners ranging from big brands like Yo Sushi to your local restaurants and bakeries. They also have collection time slots that suit the foodie hubs and your preferred meal type.

Take it straight from the source…

Our vision is a world with no waste and we know we’ll get there because we believe in the power of people



Why did I visit the Whittard of Chelsea, Glasgow? 

During my lunch break at work, I decided to treat myself and surfed the Too Good To Go app for a foodie hub. I stumbled upon an offer for a Magic Bag which cost £2.79 at the Whittard of Chelsea with a collection slot of 6pm – 7pm; this was perfect for me, as I could visit just after working hours.

And so I took a trip to Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow and found myself in another boujee foodie hub. The Whittard of Chelsea turned out to be an eccentric retailer of Coffee, Tea, other forms of Artisan Hot drinks, China Tea Gift sets, Tableware, and Cooking Equipment – I know, a lot of attractions in one place.

What was in my Too Good To Go Magic Bag? 

All Too Good To Go Magic Bags (in my case, box) are surprises as they are dependent on what is left over at the foodie hub at the end of breakfast, lunch or dinner. In my box, I found a slice of an English Rose, Cardomom and Pistachio Brownie (Original Price: £4.10) and a slice of another English Rose Seasonal Cake (Original Price: £5). At first, I was a bit confused because it wasn’t necessarily my go-to-choice of cakes because I’m a freshie, however, I got a bottle of Red Wine after collection and happily indulged in my treats whilst sitting in the sun at George Square, Glasgow. [Freshie; a derogatory slang used to describe immigrants of African descent, p.s. I was usually called this in secondary school and I have learned to embrace the positivity in the insult]

Watch and please share by tagging @RikiCooks, #RikiEats on Social Media; the short video experience at Whittard of Chelsea, Glasgow below:

Wagwan for the ratings?

[Wagwan; Jamaican slang for ‘What’s going on?’ UrbanDictionary.com]

Food 7/10: As I said I’m a freshie and usually go for plain cakes, however, I quite enjoyed indulging in these artisan cakes. I’m not a big fan of chocolate but the Brownie now has a special place in my heart.

Atmosphere 6/10: This was because I got there around 6:15pm, the café closes at 6pm so it was not packed with people or beaming with energy. I wasn’t fussed though as the weather was nice and I decided to stay out in the sun.

Service 9/10: Although they had closed for the day, their staff were really friendly and pretty quick in getting me my Magic Box.

Is the Whittard of Chelsea, Glasgow Vegan / Vegetarian?

The Whittard of Chelsea most definitely offers Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten-free options and these can also be customized on the Too Good To Go app when placing orders for collection.

This was a short and sweet experience. The takeaway for you is to download the Too Good To Go app, even if it’s for the occasional treat; you’ll be helping your belly, your pocket, and the environment. Till next Sunday, and as always, your thoughts and suggestions are very welcome, what would you like me to write about? Please leave a comment below or message me on Instagram: @RikiCooks 

Ooo between, it’s RikiCooks.com’s one-year anniversary, please click here to read my first ever post: my recipe for Stuffed Bell Peppers (with a West African-Inspired Twist) 🙂

x Ciao Bella x

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