Riki Eats 3: at Panko, Glasgow

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Living in Glasgow over the summer has been a mini shock to the system; endless options of independent food chains. My first month has involved exercising self-control because it’s not like my summer body is even ready, nonetheless, it’s a Hot Gyal Summer! [Shout Out to Megan Thee Stallion lol]. So, during a recent lunch break, I indulged in a recommendation from my colleague and took a brisk walk to a small, counter-serve offering Japanese Street Food for quick dining and take-out. The first spoon of the Pork Katsu Curry left a warm, welcoming hug on my tongue [lmao, I guess, that’s the easiest way to explain it].

So here we are, Episode 3 of Riki Eats: Lunch at Panko, Glasgow. 

Food 8/10
Atmosphere 7/10
Service 8/10

Waiting Time: 8 – 10 mins

9 Bothwell Street, Glasgow G2 6NL  Mon – Fri [10:30am – 3:30pm]



Panko is actually a type of breadcrumb; it is versatile compared to regular breadcrumbs as it is made using only white bread. It has a light, airy and flaky texture; it absorbs little oil, making it the perfect coating for fried food or a crumby topping. The word itself is Japanese, and it has traveled from Asian kitchens to be the name of a Japanese cafe in Scotland.

Source: HealingTomato.com [Panko Bread Crumbs made from Stale White Bread by Rini]

How far is Panko from Glasgow City Centre?

It is less than 2 mins from Glasgow Central Station, so it is as close to the City Centre as can be.

What is on the menu at Panko, Glasgow? 

Their menu is simple, covering a range of meat, seafood and vegetable options served with either a Katsu Curry, Teriyaki or Gyoza. I went for the first thing on the menu, Pork Katsu Curry; it was served in a bowl of sticky short-grain rice covered in an ocean of Curry sauce and garnished with pickled vegetables, it cost me £5.80 and was just what I needed to quench my lunchtime hunger.

Watch and please share by tagging @RikiCooks, #RikiEats on Social Media; the short video experience at Panko, Glasgow below:

Is Panko, Glasgow Vegan / Halal friendly? 

There are very few Vegan / Halal options available on the menu at Panko’s, however, Glasgow has so so many options, that I would not be surprised to find a more Vegan / Halal friendly place around the corner.

This has been short and sweet given the short experience; I hope you have been entertained and hopefully get to visit Panko. Till next Sunday and as always, your thoughts / suggestions are very welcome, please leave a comment below or message me on Instagram: @RikiCooks 

x Ciao Bella x

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