Riki’s Diary 2

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Recently, I had been feeling uninspired whilst curating recipes. I’ve considered that this feeling ‘should’ be normal for a content creator; however, I seemed to wallow in my mental block.

Contrary to what might be expected, I actually struggle with eating on a daily basis. Just like many teenagers, whilst growing up I always felt overweight and unhappy with my body. I topped this up by immersing myself in social media and this worsened my mental health which in turn affected my lifestyle choices.

Starting university and learning to live by myself, thrust me into the darkest periods my mental health has ever experienced. My spiritual growth tasked me with undoing the toxic traits that I conditioned myself to exhibit whilst as a teenager, and I will always be grateful to my family and friends who continue to help me through this self-love journey.

I have begun to understand myself better, seeing old pictures of younger Riki and finding her a catch and wondering why she struggled to see herself for exactly what she is – a catch. What I now know for sure is that what is on the inside outweighs in importance anything on the outside and the need to free myself whilst helping others is how Riki Cooks was birthed.

What am I raving about? This is actually a ‘Thank You’ post to my friend Rita. She hosted a few of us recently and watching her cook for us ‘sparked joy’. The whole experience reminded me that food is truly love made edible, it gave my mental block a good shaking,  to not wallow about what I think is expected of me but to just ‘do’ and see where it will lead.

So here we are, a journal entry for Riki’s diary and some shots of Rita’s love.


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